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citybooks is a EU-project and creates city portraits in the shape of texts, photos and videos.

citybooks is an artistic, principally literary residential project in which cities, artists and the general public meet in a multimedia environment. Together with local partner, deBuren (as the main organizer) was asking five authors and a photographer to take up residence for two week in a European city.
For the first time in the history of humanity more people live in the cities than outside of them. Cities are becoming politically even more important as well as more interesting on a cultural level. The United States of Europe are, for now, a fiction of the political imagination. deBuren and the partners in Europe would like to stimulate the creation of The United Cities of Europe – on a cultural level.

24 cityoneminutes Graz
next-Verein für zeitgenössische Kunst as a Co-partner produced in the framework of the EU-project citybooks 24 city one minutes Graz.
In the over all concept each video artist created 4 city one minutes. They included several other artists living and working in Graz, their art objects, architecture, street life and inner views. The aesthetic frame for all 24 city one minutes is the music. This 24 city one minutes are showing an unexpected portrait of Graz.

cityoneminutes Graz
video artists: Klaus Pamminger (A), Lotte Schreiber (A), XXkunstkabel (A), Lea Titz (A), Martina Mezak / Josip Zanki (HR), Franck Perrot (F).
Film music: Gerhard Nierhaus (A).
Project leader and concept: Luise Kloos (A).

See all 24 videos here

citybooks Graz
authors: Milena M. Flasar (A), Werner Schandor (A), Andrea Stift (A), Simone Lenearts (B), Onno Kosters (NL)
photographer: Lea Titz (A)

Citybooks Graz


ORF – St. Lambrecht

Michelangelo Pistoletto

erben:erobern 2004